The Paint Case 2.0

From: 112.50

Wet Palette

A portable-sized wet palette that fits inside the Tool Box module.

LED Light

A powerful LED light that can be powered from a wall plug or a power bank through a standard USB connection.

LED Light Cable Extender

1m (3.2 feet) extender for the LED Light.

Canvas Bag w/ a Leather Strap

Upgrades your Paint Case with a durable canvas bag and leather handles

Custom Engraving

Add a personal touch with a custom engraving of your choice. 

Magnetic Miniature Tray

A 210mm x 100mm tray with a metal sheet for magnetized miniatures.

Extra Miniature Holders

Two trays capable of holding five miniatures each (counts as a single module).

Extra Paint Tray

Holds 32 eye-dropper(Vallejo, Army Painter, etc.) paints or 18 Citadel-style paints.

Extra Tool Box

Holds your brushes and tools.

Extra Paint Tube Tray

Holds 8 paint tubes.

Divider Kit

A kit of 4 dividers that fit a Toolbox or a Paint Tray.