Miniature Painting Challenge #005


Theme: “Close Enough”

We’re happy to announce Miniature Painting Challenge #005. This time the theme for the challenge is Сlose Enough.
For this challenge, you need to replicate a scene from a movie, video game, pop culture, or even a meme.
You can be as silly or as serious as you want. It’s not mandatory to replicate it one to one, as long as we can look at it and say “Close Enough” it should be good.

An amazing example piece was painted by our Guest Judge Maria Zur Nedden. The inspiration for it was the timeless, classic scene from Titanic.

Entry Requirements and Registration

The point of the challenge is to finish your entry within the given timeframe. (April 5th- May 30th). This is why the submissions are split into two stages.

Stage 1: (April 5th-  May 2nd). Entry Submissions:
Starting today, register by submitting a photo of your chosen model and an image you’re trying to replicate.

  • The photo with the miniature must contain a handwritten note next to the mini with the date it was taken on.
  • The submitted file name must have your name on it. For example John Doe.jpg
  • The model can be in any stage of assembly, it can even be primed.
  • Finished and painted models will not be accepted for registration.

Stage 2: (May 9th- May 30th). Finished model submission.

  • We will send out a separate form for finished works through email.

Model requirements.

  • Any model can be submitted for MPC #005.
  • Single models need to be on a scenic base or a plinth.
  • Busts need to be on a plinth.
  • Dioramas are welcome.

Who’s Judging?

Two amazing people will be joining us for MPC#005 as Judges.
Our First Guest Judge is Maria Zur Nedden. She’s a talented artist who provided a great example work for this contest. Her unique painting style and experience make her a great judge for this competition.
Our second Guest Judge is a hobby YouTuber Dave aka MS_Paints. In his videos, he covers various hobby-related topics in a fun and witty way. We chose him to judge this contest for his laid-back attitude and great sense of humor.

Winning categories

Judge’s Choice – Two winners are picked by our guest judges based on their skills and execution.
Frontier Pick – The best idea picked by the Frontier Wargaming Team.


Judge’s Choice:

  • First Place winner will take The Paint Case 2.0 with a custom engraving and 2 bonus add-ons.
  • Second Place will receive The Mini Case with a custom engraving and 2 bonus add-ons.

Frontier Pick will receive The Wet Palette with a brush holster addon.

Submissions and Registration

You can register via this google form:


Voting will happen between: 31.05.2022 – 05.06.2022
The final results will be posted on: 07.06.2022


If you have any more questions feel free to visit the FAQ or send us a question to