Model Painting Challenge #004: Tribute

Miniature Painting Challenge #004

With a new year comes a new miniature painting challenge. Anyone can participate for a chance to win your very own custom engraved Paint Case 2.0 or The Mini Case.
This time the theme is all about music.

Theme: Tribute

For this challenge, you need to make a display piece that is inspired by a music band, album, or song.
Any miniature, bust, or diorama can be used for this challenge, as long as it fits with the theme you are trying to convey.
Stand-alone models must have a base or a plinth that is decorated.
An example was kindly provided by our first guest judge Fausto Palumbo @abyssoul_fp

Winning categories

Judge’s Choice – Two winners are picked by our guest judges (TBA) for their skills and execution.
Frontier Pick – The best idea picked by the Frontier Wargaming Team.


Judge’s Choice:
The First Place
winner will take The Paint Case 2.0 with a custom engraving and 2 bonus add-ons.

The Runner Up will receive The Mini Case with a custom engraving and 2 bonus add-ons.

Frontier Pick will receive The Wet Palette with a brush holster addon.

Submissions and Registration

You can register via this google form

Submissions are divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1: Entry Submissions (Jan.31 – Feb. 27)
Starting today, register by submitting a photo of your chosen unpainted miniature and your musical inspiration through the registration form.
*The photo with the miniature must contain a handwritten note next to the mini with the date it was taken on.
*The submitted file name must have your name on it. For example John Doe.jpg

Stage 2: Final Submissions (Feb. 28 – March. 27)
On Feb. 28 we’ll post a separate form for your final submissions. Those will be accepted until March 27, 23:59 Central Time (CT).


Voting will happen between March 28 and April 2nd.
Results will be posted on the 3rd of April.


If you have any more questions feel free to visit the FAQ or send us a question to